I lost my mother to dementia. I had to find a way to accept her condition, her failure to know who I was at times and the realization that she would pass from this life in a state of confusion and terror with no peace. Dr. Tierney’s story and expression of love that defies the inhumanity of this illness offers us all that voice.  Ken Fowler

Many wives love their husbands, but you truly went the extra mile. Thank you for allowing me to glimpse at your soul.
Eiran Gazit

For me, the book is an incredible love story. But, the book is also a must read for anyone experiencing family or friends with dementia. The reader will learn about love, compassion, commitment, and also about the practical things that one needs to know and consider about care, resources, the healthcare system and human dynamics. All doctors should read this book, along with leaders and caretakers in healthcare organizations and institutions. Elizabeth Tierney dignifies dementia and can help others do the same for those they love and care about.
Michael Wheeler