I read the book in one day. I put it down and had to pick it right back up and did not put it back down till I finished it. It touched my heart for ever I laughed and cried with her through this experience of the heart. Every medical person needs to read this book to understand the physical and mental struggle that Et and others go through to survive dementia. Great book.
D. Brooks, Surgical High Risk Manager

Physicians and caregivers alike would benefit from reading this book. People need insight in regard to how to deal with issues when they arise. DIGNIFYING DEMENTIA lets people know they are not alone and also illustrates choices that can be made to give everyone involved dignity.
Cathy Cunningham

My heart goes out to you and all those who have come before and will come after who must deal with not only the illness of the one you love but the failure of the medical system to provide care and support. You are very brave. After reading a story like this you truly understand “until death do you part.”
Pat Soto